About Us

Linden Taylor, the principal of Linden Taylor Earthmoving Pty Ltd, had his first experiences in the earthmoving industry while still a teenager. Linden assisted his step-father with surveying work on large scale irrigation projects in the Gwydir and Namoi valleys in his school holidays and on weekends and from these early beginnings, a keen interest in the earthmoving industry was born.

For ten years, Linden worked as a plant operator for various earthmoving companies within Northwest NSW and Southern Qld. During this time, Linden became proficient in the operation of various earthmoving equipment including laser buckets, graders, scrapers, excavators, loaders, dozers, compactors and other ancillary equipment associated with the earthmoving industry. Much of this work involved building irrigation structures on cotton, dairy and tea tree farms, civil construction (including roads and subdivision projects), mining and quarrying.

In 1997, relying on his past experience, Linden hired a Caterpillar Scraper and began operating as a sole trader. In 1998, Linden purchased his first 637 Caterpillar Scraper. Two years later, Linden purchased his second 637 Caterpillar Scraper. At this time, Linden formed the company, Linden Taylor Earthmoving Pty Ltd.

Since 1997, Linden has worked on many projects and has a reputation for getting the job done. He is often hired as a sub-contractor by other earthmoving companies. Although Linden’s business now employs several other people, Linden is still frequently found behind the wheel of one of his scrapers. He takes pride in his ability to offer a very personal service and accepts difficult contracts that require the work to be right the first time.